Sylvanian Families: Meet the vintage Families who have arrived

Interesting Sylvanian Families characters arriving in store

From time to time at Sylvanian Specialty Store some very interesting characters from Sylvanian turn up. So here is a round up of this past week's pre-owned characters who are currently in store for sale

The Barrington Truffleboar Wild Boar Family

 Meet Eustace Barrington and Victoria, the Sylvanian dentists, along with their kids Felicity, Charlie and Susan Mary in the Truffle Wild Boar family. Of course, Eustace, being a dentist, has teeth he can be very proud of!
Sylvanian Families Wild boar Truffleboar family
The Truffleboar Family are not a very well-known family in Australia. They were initially released in 1993 in UK, again in 2003 and once again in 2006. All releases were so similar it's hard to tell any difference
Here's what one of the boar piglets are up to during the school holidays
Sylvanian Families triplet boar piglet


Captain Seadog the pirate

Then there's old Captain Seadog, one of the most memorial characters there ever was in Sylvania, aye, indeed!
Sylvanian Families Captain Seadog

CAPTAIN HORATIO SEADOG is a very popular character, with an old blue peaked cap, threadbare sailors uniform and a big smile. Give him the chance and he will sit for hours telling tales of the seven seas! All his stories are of pirates and great adventures, with him cast as the hero. His 'Motley Crew' as he calls them love to spend their weekends sitting in with him hearing the same stories over and over again, not that they are exactly the same!

(The Motley crew were sold separately) Other Seadog/Tan Dog figures were also released in individual sets, but never as a family.  Captain Seadog came in a set as an individual figure with a boat. 

 Captain Horatio Seadog arrived in Sylvania in 1993 and was designed by Tomy for the UK Sylvanian Families range. His figure is based on the father of 1987 brown dog family from the Japanese Urban Life range of figures. The developers at Tomy added his sideburns to give him a more distinguished look.

Later on you could collect the rest of the family Jane and Drake Francis Seadog in a set together from 2007, and then complete the family with the sister and twins, Suzanne, Jacc & Shanta Seadog, available from 2008. An interesting point to note, is that baby Jacc was named after Jacc Batch (the Guiness World Record holder of the most complete Sylvanian Families Collection in the world)

Slydale Fox Family 

Sylvanian Families Slydale Fox

 Please note that images used in this blog article are official stock images from the Sylvanian Families company. These are not photos of the items in store.

See the Vintage Treasure Trove of Sylvanian Families to see the actual figures that are for sale and all that they include. 


Items are available as at time of publishing this post (8th April 2021) but will be removed from store once sold out.  We only have 1 of each set available.


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