Sylvanian Families Urban Life series - 1980's to early 1990's

The Urban Life series was released by Sylvanian Families in the late 1980's and early 1990's.  I guess you could say it's similar in idea to the Town Series of today. Figures were dressed in finer clothing, the houses were more stylish. There were fancy flower carts, telephone boxes, street lamps and stylish cars. It was quite the heyday of Sylvania!
I must admit to having been a little obsessed by the Urban Life Series at one point. I very much wanted to recreate the street scene above and ended up buying 3 Pink Corner houses, 3 of the Green Manors and 2 of the 3 storey yellow Grand Manors!  It was rather an expensive exercise!
The Pink Corner Houses and the Green Manors had to be sourced from Japan and the Grand Mansions from UK
Sylvanian FAmilies Urban Life range cars
Here is an excerpt from one of the Sylvanian Families Urban Life Catalogues. Sorry I can't make it clearer or larger, but it gives the idea of the Urban Life style at the time
The Sylvanian Families Ivory Dogs were one of the more well-dressed Families of this era.
Sylvanian Families Ivory Dogs Urban Life
The Duck Family were one of the Urban Life Families and also this pink-striped Flower cart, a Japanese exclusive and now a rarity to find. I also love the white seat in the background. I've always wanted one, but have never come across one. 
Sylvanian Families Urban Life ducks and flower cart
Another Urban Life sought after piece is the rare Red/Maroon coloured telephone box.
Sylvanian Families Urban Life red Telephone box
Here is my Urban Life Pink Corner house that I've just put up for sale on our site
It's a beauty. 
(Update: This has now sold)
Sylvanian Families Pink Corner House
I hope you've enjoyed this visit to Sylvania's Urban Life era.