Sylvanian Famlies Christmas Baby Sleigh Ride set.....!

Sylvanian Families christmas sleigh bells Merry Christmas
Just when you think Sylvanian Families can't get any cuter... and they do!
And now the Sylvanian Families Santa Sleigh set has landed at Sylvanian Specialty Store.
Order yours while stocks last - to create the most fun Sylvanian Christmas yet!


Sylvanian Families Sleigh Bell Christmas set Reindeer Santa


Sylvanian Families Baby Sleigh Ride Set  

The perfect Sylvanian Christmas gift for a collector of any age!

Just hear those sleigh bells jingle with this adorable Christmas set. Milo Cakebread is all dressed-up as Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, while the part of Santa is being played by Henry Periwinkle. Climb aboard the sleigh, load up all the toys and presents, and Christmas here we come!

Includes rabbit baby brother Henry Periwinkle and Toy Poodle baby brother Milo Cakebread, their sleigh and gifts as seen in images. 

  • Limited edition Christmas set with 2 adorable babies in Santa Claus and reindeer costumes
  • Set includes a sleigh, a present sack, toys and gift boxes

Suitable for age 3+ due to tiny pieces



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