Sylvanian Holiday Fun with Beechwood Hall

Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall


10 Days of Fun at Beechwood Hall

Beechwood Hall is no doubt one of the most versatile of the Sylvanian Families Homes. Arguably it's Australia's most popular home, with plenty of space for your Sylvanian Families, 5 rooms, a moveable staircase and balcony and best of all, 2 working lights!


A Concert at Beechwood Hall

If you have the Sylvanian Ballet Theatre set your theatre up facing Beechwood Hall. Place all of your chairs facing your stage and the Beechwood Hall staircase which can seat plenty of critters too. Beechwood Hall's balcony and extra floor panel make for great seating arrangements. 

Sylvanian FAmilies Beechwood Hall Ballet theatre

 Making your own Sylvanian Families Theatre

Using a Shoe Box, cut cardboard (or coloured stock card) to make curtains. A few stars added give it a theatrical touch. You can also create your own back drop scenes on cardboard, which can be replaced when the scene changes.

Sylvanian Families DIy theatre



Family Photos

There's a Family Reunion being held at Beechwood Hall today.
Take a Sylvanian Families Family Photo of all of your critters outside Beechwood Hall. Borrow Mum's phone or camera and make a memorable day of it for your critters.  If you send your Sylvanian collection Family Photos in to our Sylvanian Families Specialty Store Facebook page we'll be happy to share them!

Sylvanian Families Family photo



Paper Planes

Make miniature paper planes for your Sylvanians and host a Paper Plane Contest for all the neighbourhood children on the front lawn of Beechwood Hall!
And of course some of the planes are going to land on the roof or get lost in the neighbours yard. You might have to make quite a few spare planes!

Photo courtesy of @Sylvanako

Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall



Chores Day

Even in the holidays chores have to be done! Day 4 at Beechwood Hall is for Washing Day, helping in the garden, rearranging the furniture around  and generally making sure everything is tidy and in it's place - but there's always time for a cup of lemonade on the deck!

Sylvanian FAmilies Garden and WAshing Day Beechwood Hall



Catching up with the Sylvanian neighbourhood kids

Today is definitely not going to be a quiet day! Time to invite the neighbouring Sylvanian Kids over for the day!
Set up all your Sylvanian slides, seesaws, paddling pool and other activities on the lawn. You can imaginatively create your own obstacle course too for a fun afternoon for all. A picnic rug in the shade under the stairs is the perfect spot for refreshments!

Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall afternoon




Have you ever tried decorating your Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall? Cardstock or scrapbooking paper makes great wallpaper, and it's fun cutting it to fit each size of room. It's a good idea to use a blank piece of paper first and trace the shape of the room, cut it out to make sure it fits the shape of each room's walls first. Once you have the right shape, trace around it on the card stock or scrapbook paper you plan to use. Decorate each room according to your own taste and it's amazing how different your home will look! Use double sided tape to attach wallpaper to the walls. This can easily be removed later if you wish to change the look.

Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall wallpaper



It takes a village

Did you know that many of the Sylvanian Families buildings connect to each other?  If you have other Sylvanian Buildings maybe you could create your own high rise village around Beechwood Hall.
Here are some of the buildings that connect well with Beechwood Hall for inspiration

See how to connect Beechwood Hall to other Sylvanian Buildings

Sylvanian Families buildings that connect




Turn Beechwood Hall into the local Holiday Playgroup. The Sylvanian Mums and Dad's will drop off the babies in the morning and pick them up later in the afternoon and you're in charge of keeping everyone happy, entertained, well fed, making sure they have their naps and that there's no fighting!  Looking after them is a busy all day job and you won't have a spare moment!

Sylvanian Families Beechwood Sylvanian babies



Moving Day

A new family have moved to your street in Sylvania! It's time to welcome them and help them move into Beechwood Hall. You can make moving boxes out of cardboard and fill them with the new residents items that have to be unpacked! The house is completely empty at the beginning of the day and they need every one to help carry the furniture into the house, and help arrange the furniture in the right rooms.
Of course, all the neighbouring Sylvanian families want to drop by and meet the new family to welcome them to Sylvania.
A plate of biscuits for the new neighbours wouldn't go amiss either!

Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall moving day



Party Time

Host a birthday party or high tea at Beechwood Hall for your Sylvanian friends. Making the decorations yourself is great fun. You can even make miniature invitations to deliver to the Sylvanians, make your own tiny folded napkins and birthday cards. It's fun wrapping up Sylvanian items to make an exciting pile of gifts for that lucky critter to open

Sylvanian Families decorations Beechwood Hall


 Well, this should keep your Beechwood Hall a bustling and happy place these holidays! You could use your own variation on the ideas here, or maybe even come up with your own. 
And please share your own fun times and ideas for play with Beechwood Hall in the comments below, as I'm sure there are dozens more too!