Sylvanian Scenes - Lyn shares her retirement hobby

You might be surprised to know that many of our regular customers here at Sylvanian Specialty Store aren't children, but grown ups.
Sylvanian Families are sold as toys suitable for age 3+, however the the label should really read:
"Appropriate for ages 3 to 99." 
 So much enjoyment is gained from Sylvanian Families by adult collector's too.
For Lyn, who lives in Tasmania, Sylvanian Families is a retirement hobby. This collection is entirely her own and she finds a great deal of enjoyment in creating Sylvanian scenes, adding miniature items, garden scenery, food accessories and more. She even makes some of her own garden plants to add to the village scene, made out of recycled household items.
"I love collecting, it's a fun hobby."  Lyn enjoys making up stories using the Sylvanians. "Now all I need is grandchildren to tell the stories to."

Sylvanian Families scene set Tasmania

(An episode from Lyn's "Three tins of Biscuits hoist" adventure above)
This bustling garden scene, displays many of our Miniature additions such as the
Evergreen Trees, Schleich hay bales and grain sacks, the fence, stone wall, barrel and sunflowers. 
Dollshouse miniatures
"At first I wouldn't use anything that wasn't a true Sylvanian accessory," says Lyn, "but then I saw other people's photos and found out just how much fun I was missing."

Sylvanian Families enjoying cup of tea in garden

The Silk Cat Family enjoying a relaxing garden afternoon tea.

The red tulips in the window box are from our Garden miniatures. Also adding the "Wipe Your Paws" doormat, gifts, cake and other garden items.


According to Lyn, "Sylvanians take you to a happy world."

"I have two large tables set up as a village, but still don't have enough room. My tables are permanent fixtures, much to the dismay of my adult children, who like to use the room for having friends over. I am fast running out of room. My dream would be to have a whole room specially for them."


Sylvanian Families Ballroom scene

I love this! Every Sylvania needs a ballroom where the locals can dress up and dance. The gorgeous gowns are available at Sue's Sylvanian Families Clothing Australia store. Wine bottle and glasses available in our Miniatures collection.

Dollshouse miniatures

Visit Sylvanian Families Clothing here to see an amazing range of clothing specially handmade for Sylvanian Families figures.

Sylvanian Families playground

And of course every Sylvanian needs a playground!

What do we find here? The large miniature pink dollshouse from our Miniatures collection, as well as Sylvanian miniature figures which fit inside them, which we sell in store too. Mrs Squirrel has just received some of our wrapped parcels. And can you spot the gerbil pet in the scene?

Sylvanian Families wedding couple

 Everyone loves a wedding! Lyn's bear couple are dressed in some of Sylvanian Families Clothing's beautiful wedding outfits.

Dollshouse miniatures 


Sylvanian Families Specialty Store Miniature collection.

Sylvanian Families scene cosy cottage

A perfect day in Tasmania for a tea party on the lawn! I spy several of our delectable looking cakes, on the table, as well as our Miniature "healthy option for Sylvanians, the Sushi Bento box! (seen below)


Sylvanian Families eating sushi

Dollshouse miniaiture items

It must be noted that the miniature items that Lyn has used from our store are not made to be toys, but are designed for adult collector's and are ideally sold for grown ups to add to their Sylvanian scenery. Some items are delicate or breakable. 

Find adorable Miniature items suitable for Sylvanians to add to your scene here

Food Accessories for Sylvanian Families adult

Sylvanian FAmilies Field View Mill

Here is Lyn's Field View Mill all set up. There's even a Gumball machine from our Miniatures collection. Mr Striped cat is wondering whether he needs to wipe his feet on our "Wipe Your Paws" doormat. There are white flowers in a vase on the table (found in Miniatures)


Thanks for sharing the fun and enjoyment of your hobby, Lyn and we can't wait to see what develops next in  this ever-growing and changing Sylvania!

It's great to be able to share in other's Sylvanian collections and we hope to have more collector's pictures from around Australia to share with you soon too!


Food Accessories for Sylvanian Families

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