Sylvanian Specialty Store Gift Guide 2017

Sylvanian Families Gift Guide

The Sylvanian Gifts that kids (and adults!) love

Please note that this gift guide was published in November 2017. Items mentioned were available in store at the time, but as our stock of items is ever-changing, some may not be available any longer, or may have been replaced with other equally tempting items.

Sylvanian Families gift guide great ideas for Sylvanian Families gifts


We have over 300 Gift ideas in store! Yes, that’s right. Over 300 Sylvanian Families, Dollshouse Miniatures and Schleich and a bevy of other brands to choose from.

Stocking Stuffers 

Gift Ideas for the Girl who seems to have everything

So, what do you give to your niece, who seems to have everything she could wish for?

Sylvanian Families collectible Christmas santa sets

Our amazing Sylvanian Families Christmas sets make the perfect girl’s Christmas present.

High quality items, that are unique and will be a collectible item, even an heirloom to pass down to her own children someday. Some of our gorgeous, brand new, Sylvanian Families are over 20 years and still just as well-loved. For a keepsake gift, that is timeless, Sylvanian Families collectible sets are ideal.

Gifts for the Classical Music lover.

Someone who plays a classical music instrument, such as the Cello, violin, or the piano, these sets would be delightful. Sylvanian Families are not only for children, but they’re perfect for adults too. Whose heart wouldn’t melt at the sight of these cute, furry critters playing concert music, dressed in their elegant silk gowns! I’m sure the Chocolate Rabbit Sister with her violin would find her way onto any classicist’s shelf!

Sylvanian Families Concert Violin and Cello music gift ideasGreat gift ideas for classical music lovers

Sylvanian Families Music concert grand piano and singing recital set Sylvanian Familiese rare white grand piano set


Gifts ideas for the Dog lover.

We have Sylvanian Families Dog sets that are sure to surprise and delight your dog loving friends.  A “mini me” Sylvanian Families puppy? We have a whole collection of Sylvanian Families Dogs from Huskies to Chihuahua’s, to Poodles to Corgi’s and Labradors 

See our Fabulous Sylvanian Families Dog Collection here


A Sylvanian Families Dog family mimicking their own pet's breed would make unique gifts for any dog owner and one to be cherished.

And what about Gifts for the Cat lover?

Sylvanian Families Persian Cat Twin babiesSylvanian Families Gray Cat Family Striped

Is your best friend The Crazy Cat Lady? Then she’ll go crazy over this great gift idea of a Sylvanian Families Cat Family. We cover many breeds of cats in our Collection of unique Cat Families. The Persian Cat Family, the Silk Cat Family, The Tuxedo cat family. Also The Maple Scottish Fold Cats.


A Gift “Just like Mum” or “Dad”

An "Occupation" gift? Sylvanian Families has mimicked real life for 30 years!


Sylvanian Families Jobs in Sylvania

Nearly everyone in Sylvanian has a job, and it’s just like real life. There are Doctor’s, Nurses and many other useful occupations too!

Sylvanian Famlies Gray Cat Store keeper owners

The Bus Conductor and TIcket Collector set

I’m sure every child would love a Sylvanian Families character that mimics their own parents works.

Sylvanian Families Bus Conductor Set

For a unique real-life pretend play gift, check out our Jobs in Sylvania collection of sets, so that many hours can be spent playing “Mum at work” or “Dad’s job”


Gifts for Granddaughters

Sylvanian Families Tea and Treats Set Town Series

Grandma's are offen wondering what kind of gift is ideal for their granddaughter. A present that will last?

One beautiful lasting Gift that Grandmothers can give their grandchildren is some special Sylvanian Families play sets. Wholesome, cute, great for role play activities and sure to be much-loved for years to come! Recently several Grandmothers have purchased items from our store to set up High Tea scenes and miniature restaurants for when their grand-daughters come to visit. It's often a gift that children can keep and hand down their beloved Sylvanians to their own children one day.

Sylvanian Families Chocolate Shop coffee lounge high tea

We have an utterly delightful range of Japanese Sylvanian Families High tea sets. There are also miniature pastries, cakes and tea sets that can be purchased individually and added to sets. We also have a Create your own Restaurant collection of items, to mix and match your scene with select pieces to your own liking. Or similarly a collection of Sylvanian Families Wedding Themed items to choose from.

Sylvanian Families Wedding


Gifts Country Style - a Rural touch

L'il Woodzeez Families

L'il Woodzeez Cow Family farm yard funL'il Woodzeez Owl Family Whooswhoo


L'il Woodzeez Frog Family on the farmL'il Woodzeez Duck Family Quack Quack

Schleich Accessories

Schleich accessories used with Sylvanian Families farmyard scenes

And don’t forget our great Schleich Accessories 

Hay bales, straw, wheelbarrows, Feed sets – so many great Schleich brand accessory sets. These are also ideal to mix and play with Sylvanian Families, being the perfect size, to help grow your Sylvanian Families Farm set.


Gifts that encourage imaginative role play

These days parents battle against screen time. Sylvanian Families gifts are a great way to encourage children back to imaginative role play, spending hours creating their own stories and adventures. Our Sylvanian Families sets are designed to do just that, with so much fine detail in the tiny accessories that each set comes with… down to the ice cream cones, with a choice of which flavour icecream you’re going to fill them with today, to which clothing outfit is Mrs Squirrel going to change into today!  Sylvanian Families lend themselves to adventures full of detail!

Sylvanian Families Polar Bear Icecream SEllersSylvanian Families Icecream VanSylvanian Families Ice cream van


Jigsaw Puzzles are still alive and well!

And in store we stock a great range of Sylvanian Families Jigsaw Puzzles, priced at $19.95 each. Not only are they a fun activity to keep the little Sylvanian Fan occupied, but these are collectible items in themselves.

 Sylvanian Families Jigsaw Puzzles


Buy Gifts for everyone, all in one place, and only pay one postage - $9.90 flat rate postage Australia wide, no matter how much your order, or how big your parcel of gifts. 

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