Sylvania's Winter Wonderland in Pictures

When I see winter pictures of Sylvania, it always makes me wish I could shrink down, wrap on my tiny scarf and skates and join in the fun!
Here are some of my all time favourite winter Sylvanian snaps
When Sylvania’s pond freezes over, put on your skates everyone!
Sylvanian Families winter moments
Another Sylvanian Families Official photograph
The most adorable igloo ever seen! And that looks like a bear-gloo to the right and a cat-gloo on the left!
Sylvanian Families igloo winter scene
And of course, a cold windy afternoon isn't minded at all when the Sylvanian kids bring out their Sylvanian kites! 
Sylvanian Families kite flying on a cold winter day in Sylvania
Did you know these little toboggans (below) were part of a Sylvanian Winter sports set released a few years ago. 
This snowy picture scene is by Sylvanako, the Sylvanian photographer.
Sylvanian families sledding winter scene toboggan
Building the biggest and best snowman. The Chocolate Rabbit girl on the right and the snowboard leaning on the fence are part of the Calico Critters Winter Sports Playset.
Sylvanian Familes winter scenery
And in Australia in winter, Sylvanian postman Boomerang Springer loves to recite bush poetry around a roaring campfire
(photo credit: Possum Creek blogpost)
Sylvanian Families campfire outback Australia bush stories
I just love this photo of the Sylvanian artists capturing their winter scene. So realistic.
Sylvanian Famlies winter painting snow scene
Looking from inside out. Who's going to shovel the pathway, I wonder?
 Sylvanian Families winter outside looking out
And the opposite below. Looking from outside in.
What a cosy wintery rabbit family gathering!
Sylvanian Families winter Christmas scene living room
And there's the Winter Sports playset again! 
Fun rides to be had all round.
Sylvanian Families Winter outdoor ski toboggan set
Now what exactly are these Sylvanians up to?
Can you imagine the fun they're going to have snow racing this mobile?!
Sylvanian FAmilies winter car on skis set
And every fun afternoon, must end with Christopher Appleblossom, the Baker's snacks, hot chocolate and friends.
Good thing the Sylvanian nurse is there to keep an eye on everyone.
Sylvanian Families winter outdoors with family friends
This winter picture epitomises hope,
And there it is!
Sylvanian Families Flowers in the snow spring planting
That's what friends are for in winter!
Sylvanian Families ice skating in winter scene
Oooof! Sometimes winter fun can be hard work though too!
Push harder, Mr Penguin!
Sylvanian Families funny penguins in snow pushing uphill
And there's always paths to be shovelled. That's hard work too!
But of course, everyone lends a hand.
Sylvanian Families shovelling snow in winter carport garage sidewalk
We hope you've enjoyed a visit to Sylvania in winter!
Most of these scenes are official Sylvanian Families photos. 
We have given photo credit due where possible.
Some photos original sources are unknown, but please let us know if the photo is yours and we will credit where due.