The Dollhouse Miniature Florist Shop - Red Roses, Pink Roses and more...

The Dollshouse Florist Shop is open - yes indeed!

Find your Miniature Flowers, Wrapped roses, tulips, buckets, watering cans and more here at
Note that all items are 1:12 scale dollshouse miniatures
Dollhouse miniature australia florist shop accessories
Whether your need an "Open Sign" or beautiful flowers, we have everything for your Minaiture 1:12 scale florist needs in store. 

How beautiful are these!

Dollhouse Miniature bunch of pink roses florist shop
These flowers are clay-flowers and the detail is just amazing from each petal and bud to the stems and leaves. No thorns, though, thankfully! 
Buy these miniature roses or tulips in a small bunch of three, or we've placed them in bigger bunches too. 

Purchase here in store

Please note that these are recommended for adult miniature enthusiasts. They are not designed to be handled by children. 

Dollhouse Miniature Flower Market Shop sign
The flower arrangment is held together by florist tape, which you can unwrap if you wish to. However, we would not recommend too much handling of these flowers, due to their delicate nature. Over-handling may cause breakages. 
Dollhouse miniature country vase pink roses
Not only flowers, but there's much more in store too for your Miniature Flower Shop. Like this lovely paper dispenser (a must for any Miniature Florist!)
Dollhouse miniature florist shop
There's also a lovely selection of items to place  your flowers in too - 
Metal buckets, wicker baskets, glass vases and pitchers or crates.
If you buy a small bunch, of course we'll add a complimentary newspaper wrapping. The mini newsprint is even from the garden-related pages of a newspaper. 
Dollhouse miniature florist red roses in newspaper
All of our Dollshouse Miniatures are only recommended for over age 14+ 
These are not made to be toys for children
Handle with care.