The New Sylvanian Families Waddle Penguin Family - 2023

The Waddle Penguin family are the latest family to arrive in Sylvania in 2023! These will be available in store from March.

The Waddle Penguins: Ozzie, Sapphire and the Penguin triplets

It's been 16 years since the last Penguin Family release, which were the De Burgh Penguin Family, released by Flair in 2007.

Here's a little by way of introduction to the new Waddle Penguin Family (2023)

Ozzie Waddle loves to eat! He eats and eats until he's all full up and his belly feels heavy, and then he sits down and falls asleep.

Sapphire Waddle loves dancing on the ice. Her dancing is very graceful and elegant.

It takes a lot to upset Kippie Waddle. He's a slow walker and good at sitting still. But show him an ice cream and he'll waddle over as fast as his feet will carry him!

And then there's the twins: Pearl and Rocky who come in a set with their own little cart and aviator goggles

Pearl Waddle loves to take baths. She even sings into the shower head like it's a microphone! Rocky Waddle loves to climb up high and then jump down. He keeps climbing up too high, and everyone has to rush to stop him from hurting himself.

We will update here when these new sets arrive in. Australia's estimated arrival date for new families is around mid March 2023.