The Sylvanian Families Meerkat Family 2021! - new limited edition release

The adorable new Sylvanian Families Meerkat Family!
Sylvanian FAmilies Meerkat FAmily Australia
The Spotter Meerkat family has always been a favourite. Initially released in 2010, these have long been a popular family. They were voted as one of the favourite families in the Sylvanian Families 35th anniversary voting competition in 2020.   So, here they are again in limited edition in 2021. 
Sylvanian Families Spotter Meerkat FAmily
This family have always been well-loved and sought after. It's such a joy to see them return to Sylvania, so that a new generation of Sylvanian fans can enjoy them too!
Arriving in store in mid October, these will be found in our
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