Those Crazy-haired Sylvanian Hedgehogs

One of the first Sylvanian Families I fell in love with were the Bramble Hedgehogs. I don't know if it was their crazy mop of hair or the quirky smile they wear, if you can peep under that spiky mop!

Whatever the reason, they've been a favourite with many Sylvanian fans for a long time. They first came out in the Sylvanian range in 1991. They were slightly different, their hair was shorter and wasn't as spiky as it is today. A little flatter with a few more flecks of grey through it. In 2004 they were released again, and this time with longer, softer and spikier hair. Of course, their clothing was different this time too, as often is with second releases. 

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Good thing they each come with their own brush. Looks like they might need it throughout the day!

The twins and baby super cute too. Here is the  new version, where they come with a ride-on play train.

Sister and her artwork (side note: don't you love that vintage Sylvanian Families roll top desk and chair they've used in the official pictures!)


Baby comes in a hideout too. He can have all his friends over to play. This is the 2020 release Baby Hedgehog Hideout. It comes with a hideout and one baby hedgehog. Interestingly, it's very similar in design to the vintage Sylvanian Families mole house of the past

Bilberry checks his mailbox. It's a bit of a climb for the postie.


The adorable Hedgehog Twins!  Oh, what a mess when they get into Mum's sewing box. Almost as much trouble as untangling their hair at bedtime.

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