What's Ratty been up to?

Sylvanian Families Rat Mouse Store mascot

Let's introduce you to Ratty!

In case you haven't met him, Ratty is our little store mascot. 
Interestingly, he's not actually a Sylvanian Families figure. He belongs to the Forest Families brand, which were a competing brand alongside Sylvanian Families brand in the late 1980's to early 1990's. You will still see these 1980's figures (rabbits, bears etc ) turn up on Ebay and similar sites from time to time. They look similar to Sylvanians, but are distinctively different and are highly collectible in their own right. 
So what has Ratty been up to lately? 
Well, he's currently got his eye on our new miniature cheese platter in store.... and you can hardly blame him!  Besides being....well... a rat, and the platter being...well... cheese... it looks quite delectable!  
These are found in our MINIATURES collection in store
Sylvanian FAmilies and bread village bakery
And there's now a teeny little mouse in store.
Ratty seems quite concerned about him....
and rightly so...
Ratty Miniature Forest freinds families and tiny mouse and trap
And just before Ratty heads off on his scooter,....
he's just like to remind you that there are plenty of 
Sylvanian Families Blind Bags in store:
The Baby Band Series
The Baby Shopping Series
The Baby Party Series
And coming soon .. The Camping Series Blind Bags
Sylvanian FAmilies Baby Band Ratty Rat Scooter
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