Advent Calendar Ideas- Sylvanian Families

It's nearly Christmas again and doesn't that have us thinking about Advent calendars! We don't sell Advent calendars, and there actually aren't any Sylvanian Families Advent calendars at this point in time, so what about filling a ready-made advent calendar yourself?
Advent calendar handmade wooden vintage

In this collection we've put together plenty of different "little things" that you could pop into one day of the calendar.
These are some of our favourites:
Sylvanian FAmilies Blind bags
Sylvanian Blind Bags: they come with a baby figure and an accessory. Choose a mystery one, or select the ones you would like.
Sylvanian FAmilies Mini figures
Sylvanian Familes mini-figures. These are 2 to 3 cm high. There are 9 types available, so choose a few to fit in your advent doors.
And of course there are lovely Sylvanian Families accessory sets with between 10 to 20 accessories in them. You could open these and put a few accessories from a set in each advent door.
Sylvanian FAmilies Accessory dress up setSylvanian FAmilies breakfast set
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