Dollhouse minaiture blooming pink doc martin boots

Pink Floral Ankle Boots - 2.4 cm


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Dollhouse Miniature Pink Floral Doc Martin Boots - 2.4 cm - this is a 1:12 Dollhouse accessory.  There own labelled shoe-box is included too!

Exquisite! The most adorable miniature boots you ever will see! Sure to be the feature piece of any scene!

Non-Wearable - note that these are not functional boots and are not intended to be placed on doll's feet. As they are made from a rigid, fragile material, we would ask that you take extra care when handling (especially the back tab) and would not recommend trying to put them on a miniature figure.

Doc Martin boots has got to be one of the most iconic pieces of footwear around and is as popular today as it was 60 years ago!

These boots have been 3D modelled in UK, built in multiple parts using stereo lithography technology and meticulously hand finished, including cotton laces, to create a fine and very accurate scale replica.
This particular pair has the added addition of a floral pattern that has been applied to either side of each boot.  You have to see them to believe the detail involved!

They measure 2.4cm from toe to heal and come complete with their own branded shoe box.

Hand designed and Handmade in UK

Not suitable for children. This is a collectible miniature item intended only for adult collector's of miniature pieces.