Sylvanian Families New Chocolate Rabbit Family - 2023

Sylvanian Families Limited Edition

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Sylvanian Families Chocolate Rabbit Family - New Release 2023 - SF 5655

The Chocolate Rabbit family have been well-known and well-loved in Sylvanian for many years. Now there's a new 2023 release of this family and this time they're wearing different clothes. Well, all except Freya, that is. She's still in that famous red-spotted dress!
For 2022 the Chocolate rabbit family have had a makeover! Originally released in 2007 the Chocolate rabbits have become Sylvania's most iconic and well-known family. To celebrate their 15th anniversary they have been re-released in updated outfits.

Set of 4 figures: Mother, Father, Brother and Sister Chocolate Rabbit

Age 3+

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