Sylvanian Minifigure Rabbit with Basket and Golden Eggs - Miniature

Sylvanian Minifigure Rabbit with Basket and Golden Eggs - Miniature


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Sylvanian Minifigure Rabbit with Basket and Golden Eggs - this is a dollshouse 1:12 scale miniature display item.

A perfect little Easter treat to add to your miniature scene. 

This Easter set includes:

1 x wicker basket

1 x Sylvanian Families mini-figure of approx 2 cm height

Artificial moss grass in the base of the basket

2 x golden-coloured eggs made of clay.

Balance your basket evenly:

Note that the wicker basket has a slightly curved base (due to the method of weaving). It may not sit exactly straight, but we would suggest using a little blue tack or similar under the base to help it balance correctly.


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You will receive 1 x wicker miniature baskets of our smallest size in this sale. There are 4 miniature carrots in the basket.

Measurements: Very tiny - basket measures 1.5 cm diameter. 1.5 cm high.

A great addition to any diorama. Made of wicker and hand-dyed. Carrots are made of baked clay. Handmade in Thailand.

Not suitable for children.

 Age recommendation:  14+

Please note that these are not intended to be used as a toy. 

Note that other items seen in images are not included, however most may be purchased individually in store also (depending on availability at the time)

Other items seen in images are also available in our Miniatures Collection

This is not designed to be a children's toy, but rather a collector's item. Suitable for adult collector's, diorama's etc.

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