Sylvanian Families Meerkat Madness - The Meerkats are back in stock!

This promotion has now finished and all items have sold 

Brand new Sylvanian Families Meerkat Families are arriving in store


The Meerkat family were released in 2010, so have been retired for quite some time. We've been asked many times, when will there be Meerkats available, so here is our answer! 
ALL Meerkats for sale in this Collection are Pre-owned, so please purchase these with this in mind, as perfection cannot be expected when buying pre-owned items.
These have been categorised as either "Excellent Condition", "Very good condition" or "Good condition" Do take care to read each individual description for full details or any points to be noted.
You can purchase a Family of 4, or a pair, or select one figure from the drop down box. Unfortunately there aren't many of the Meerkat babies available, as these are in short supply. 
These will sell out quickly - so don't be disappointed.
Happy Meerkat Hunting!
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