Reutters Porcelain Gluhwein miniature dollhouse wine German Christmas

Reutters Porcelain Christmas Gluhwein Pot - 3 cm high - Miniature

Reutter Porcelain Miniature

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Reutters Porcelain Christmas Gluhwein Pot -  3 cm high - This is a 1:12 miniature dollhouse accessory. (Gluhwein pot only in this sale)

Just what's needed to add that rosy glow at Christmas time, warm you up and add some festive cheer. This beautifully-made porcelain Christmas-themed Gluhwein pot is made after the German tradition of Gluhwein, a spiced wine that is served warm. 

Measures  Height 3.2 cm. Diameter 2.3 cm

This sale is for 1 x Reutters Porcelain Gluhwein Pot (pot only - other accessories not included)

If you wish to buy the full Gluhwein set, which includes a stand and matching mugs, then this is available in our Reutters Porcelain Collection also.

This is a display item only.  Although it looks like the lid will remove on this item, in actual fact the lid is fixed. Non-removeable lid.

You can also purchase this item in a matching set  or other Christmas Porcelain Miniatures from our store's

 Reutters Porcelain Collection

Please note, this is a 1/12th scale dolls house miniature product.

Reutter porcelain are miniature items handmade in Germany. Their miniature creations are the perfect addition to your dollhouse, miniature scene or classic setting.  All items that we stock at Sylvanian Specialty Store are 1:12 scale. 

Each piece is touched by hand up to 17 times during the manufacturing process and lovingly worked on step by step until it radiates the classic Reutter flair. During this process, each object is cast, glazed, painted and fired three times until it reaches its final shape.

All Reutter miniatures are carefully made by hand with the greatest care.  

Reutter Porcelain brand - Made in Germany

Other items in images are not included, but are only in images for scene-setting purposes, but many of the items may be found in store also, depending on stock availability. 

This item is not designed as a toy, but is recommended as a display items for adult miniature collectors.  

The vintage-style wooden ruler seen as a measure in images is also available for purchase.

Vintage lace-style Wooden Ruler 15 cm


Figures and other accessories are not included and are only in photographs to give an idea of size and how this item can be displayed,  but many of these are available in our Miniatures collection
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