Schleich Black white cat standing 13770

Black and White Cat - Schleich


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Schleich Black and White Cat Standing 13770

Cats are fascinating because of their graceful, lithe movements, their expressive eyes and their picture-perfect fur patterns.

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Cats have an extraordinary sense of balance. And even if they should fall, they hardly get hurt. It is even said that they always land on their feet. And it is true: If they fall back first, they first turn the head and front legs towards the floor, then the spine and then back legs. By stretching the legs and spreading their paws, they stop the fall additionally - like a parachute. With this ability, they can absorb almost any impact gently.


Cats can differentiate between salt, sour and bitter, but not sweet.


  • Scientific name : Felis silvestris catus
  • Global Home : Worldwide

Released 2015.

Approx: 5.5 x 1.6 x 6cm (LWH)

Size: L  7.4 cm x W 2 cm x  H 4.8 cm

A great size to fit a 1:12 scale miniature dollhouse scene or pet store

Other items in images are not included, but are only in images for scene-setting purposes, but many of the items may be found in store also, depending on stock availability. 

Age 3+