Schleich Pony Agility Race

Schleich Pony Agility Race


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Schleich Farm World - Pony Agility Race

If a pony has successfully completed the training, it can participate in the Agility Race. The anticipation is great – and at the same time the tension. How will the course be laid out? Will the pony shy away or confidently overcome the obstacles? Agility is at least as exciting as riding!

Fun fact- Extensive training is a prerequisite for the agility race.

Contents: 1x Welsh pony, 1x boy, 1x riding helmet, 1x bridle, 1x lead rope, 1x trophy, 2x cone, 5x pole, 1x ring jump obstacle, 3x flame, 2x tire, 2x flag start-finish, 1x sticker sheet

Dimensions (W x D x H): 10.24 x 11.81 x 5.91 inch

Suitable from 3 yrs+




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Age 3+