Schleich Treasure Hunt Diver Set - Brand New - Retired

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Schleich  42329 - Treasure Hunt Diver Set - Brand New - Retired 2018

A legendary treasure of gold is supposedly located at the bottom of the coral reef. The diver quickly puts on his equipment and starts searching underwater. He almost didn't discover the chest under the large octopus. When the white shark appears, he quickly hides himself with all the underwater animals. Once it has gone again, the diver comes out of his hiding place. The magnificent, old treasure chest must originate from the time of the pirates. With a bit of dexterity, it can be opened to reveal valuable, ancient gold coins.

Contents - This play set includes a diver, great white shark, treasure chest, 20 gold coins 3 plants, 2 shells and an exclusive paint of the Schleich Octopus.

 Retired: 2018.



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