Sylvanian Families Fennec Fox Twins

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Fennec Fox Twins- SF 5697 - 2023 release

Baby brother Rocco Fennec loves playing in the sandpit. It’s his favourite place of all, and he enjoys building huge mountains and castles out of sand… and then knocking them straight down again in huge clouds of sandy dust – as a result he’s always covered from head to toe in sand, it drives his big sister mad!

Baby sister Tara Fennec enjoys nothing more than hunting for buried treasure. Whether they’re at the beach, or playing in the sandpit at home, Tara likes her big sister, Jasmine, to hide the treasure so that she can dig it up. Burrowing in the golden sand until she finds the latest treasure, which today is a shiny silver spoon!

 Set of 2 baby figures – one sitting, one crawling. Also includes a ride-on car toy

 Recommended for age 3+

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