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Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit Family - New Version

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Sylvanian Families Milk Rabbit Family - New Version Released in November 2023 in Australia - SF5706

A favourite family, the Periwinkle Rabbits are here again and this time wearing gorgeous, fancy new outfits. This is the new 2023 release version, where all family members are dressed differently from the previous version. Initially, the Periwinkle family were available from 2002 to 2022 in different clothing.

The Milk Rabbit Family includes Father Alex, Mother Kate, Brother Oliver and Sister Rebecca Periwinkle. 

Father Alex Periwinkle often takes photos of his family to cherish the memories of their time spent together. But with baby Henry being so active it quite usually takes quite a long time for them all to settle down in front of the camera.

Mother Kate Periwinkle has a real flair for interiors and is a huge fan of traditional and floral styles creating romatically-themed rooms in her home. Kate wants her childen to always keep dreaming, so she tells them stories and fairy tales full of colourful characters and heroes!

Brother Oliver Periwinkle loves to write poems. He has a beautiful way with words and the other members of the school poetry club always look forward to hearing his next creation.

Sister Rebecca Periwinkle wishes she could be a princess. She writes her own stories about becoming a princess in her secret notebook, dreaming that one day that they will come true.

The head, arms and legs of the velvety soft figures are movable. The clothes can be put on and taken off. 

Set includes: Milk Rabbit father, Milk Rabbit mother, Milk Rabbit girl, Milk Rabbit boy.

Recommended for age 3+

SF 5706

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