Sylvanian Families House of Brambles Department Store - 2003 - Rare - Boxed - FREE POSTAGE

Sylvanian Families House of Brambles Department Store - 2003 - Rare - Boxed - FREE POSTAGE

Sylvanian Families pre-owned

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Sylvanian Families House of Brambles Department Store - 2003 - Rare - Boxed - FREE POSTAGE

Please read the detailed description below which outlines anything missing or of note

Please note that being a very large item, postage is very expensive and we are offering FREE POSTAGE within Australia. The high postage has been factored into the listed price. We do not post outside of Australia, sorry.

This gorgeous House of Brambles Department Store comes in fabulous condition, with it's original box and near complete. 

This set is in excellent pre-owned condition. Having said that, please be aware that these items have been pre-owned and played with, therefore there aren't in the same condition as brand new. 

The House of Brambles Department store is actually two separate buildings. They can be stacked on top of each other, or each as a single building. Pippins Cafe generally sits on the top storey and comes with so many delectable looking sundaes and ice-cream-type desserts and drink items. There's are two uniforms included.

Downstairs is the House of Brambles Department store, which stocks all kinds of goodies for the home, children's toys and baby items. There's a juice bar at the window two and tables which can be set up inside or outside.

This building was also designed to place the blue Bramble Cottage on top too. If you have this cottage you can turn this into a 3 storey building. 

Things to note:

Completeness : 

This set is approx 95% complete. All major items are present in the set. There is one small white shelf missing. Most food and drink items are present, with the exception of maybe 4 or 5 small items.

 Note that the umbrella stand is broken. All pieces are there if you would like to attempt to repair it. I am not sure how well this would repair, but may be possible. All other items are in excellent condition.

- The Open/Close sign is present, but there are no Open/Close stickers on it. It looks like the stickers were never attached by the previous owner. The sign is blank on both sides.

- All signs and lamps are present. One lamp is missing it's base, but still can be used. 

- There are no figures (nor were there any in it's original release) in this set

- There is some slight age-yellowing of some white items. Very little, but noted for accuracy.

- Comes with it's original box which is in reasonably good condition. There are some wear on some of the cardboard box tabs. 

A real collectible treasure!

Age 3+

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