Dollhouse apothecary miniature brown bottles potions tonics

Brown Bottles x 2 - Miniature


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Dollhouse Miniature Brown Bottles - Miniature- This is a 1:12 scale Dollhouse miniature accessory

Enhance your miniature apothecary or bar with these miniature brown bottles. Bottles that could add a touch of charm and mystery to any setting. Fill a crate, or line a shelf with several for effect. These could be anything from potions and tonics to beer bottles.  You could create your own labels to fit your scene.

Measurements: approx 2.6 cm high

This sale is for 2 x Bottles

Made of resin. These are solid resin. Cannot be filled. Display only

Recommended for adult miniaturist enthusiasts. Not a toy.

Other accessories are not included and are only in images for display purposes.