Sylvanian Families Advent Surprise Promotion Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1 item only is available in the entire store at the Advent special price. Sorry if you miss out on being the first to purchase the item, but the same item will still be available in store at it's usual  price. 

Item will display as Sold Out once it has been  purchased

Placing an item in your cart does not reserve this item for you. If someone else purchases it before you checkout, it will show as Sold Out.

If the item is purchased and transaction completed, and the buyer wishes to add further purchases to be sent together for the same $9.90 flat rate, please contact us before purchasing and we can arrange this.

Items are advertised on our Facebook page beginning on 21/11/17 and the final item will be advertised on 14/12/17, which is the final day that our store checkout will be open until after the Christmas break.

Please be aware that items posted in December are subject to Australia Post or our designated courier's schedule. We therefore cannot guarantee that items purchased in December will reach their destination before Christmas.

In the event that a daily surprise is unable to be run that day we may run two Advent suprises in one day to make up for it.

We cannot hold the Advent surprise for anybody to be paid for later.

In the case of the Advent surprise not being purchased on the day of it's release, it will remain available for purchase at that same price for the duration of the Advent Surprise promotion and can be purchased at any time along with other Advent items or regular store items available.