Why are some Sylvanian Families so expensive?

Sylvanian Families Specialty Store is a very niche small business. There is none other quite like it in Australia

Our store is a specialist Sylvanian Families Store and we go to a great deal of effort to bring our customers an amazing variety of Sylvanian Families to Australia, including some real collectible treasures from Sylvanian Families rich history over the past 30 years.

We do offer a great selection of current Sylvanian Families (readily available in Australian shops today) which are very competitively priced and you’re sure to find some great deals in our Sylvanian Families Discounted Items and Sales section.

However, the main focus of our online Sylvanian store is to bring you hard to find and rare Sylvanian Families products that are no longer able to be found. We spend a great deal of time searching for these scarce items and rare Sylvanian Families products to bring Australian collector’s a wonderful choice all in one place.

Please note, that while we appreciate your interest in our items, we do NOT offer discounts or lower prices on our items in our store (unless they are placed in the Discounted/On Sale section where you will find some great bargains)

Though some items may seem to be expensive, there is often a reason for this.

Sylvanian Families items from the past, especially BRAND NEW, hard to find items are already expensive to procure, then add on international postage, taxes and various fees to the price. This makes these scarce items high in price before they have even reached our store. We strive to make our prices as reasonable as possible and if an item is placed in our store for a certain price, there is a very good reason behind this price.

Often there is only one of an item available. Once that item is sold, it is usually unlikely we will find another the same to stock.

See our store's Treasure Trove of Vintage and Hard to Find Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families Vintage Treasure trove

Pricing changes and increases

Prices of items do alter on a regular basis. An item that you saw last week, may be slightly higher in price this week. What is the reason for this?

Many of our items are imported from overseas. This means that they are usually subject to exchange rate fluctations, which is beyond our control. Sometimes the exchange rate will favour us, meaning we can offer the item in our store at a more favourable price. However, the next time we order, the exchange rates and import costs may be slightly higher, which is reflected in the end price. This is why our prices constantly fluctuate, as the cost of bringing them to you is different every time. We work hard to price our products as best we can for all of our customers. 

From the 1st of July, 2018 all items imported to Australia are now subject to 10% GST (previously our items had not been subject to this tax) which will be reflected in our store's prices on internationally obtained Sylvanian Families items.  

Although we all love a discount, please do bear in mind the effort and price behind this specialised service of curating Sylvanian Families from all around the world and offering them for purchase in one online store.  We value our own efforts to procure these, and very much appreciate our customers who value our efforts to do so also.

With appreciation,

Sylvanian Specialty Store