Dollhouse miniature chocolate easter egg break open gold foil

Breakable Easter Egg with Smarties and Gold Foil - Miniature


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Dollhouse Miniature Breakable Easter Egg with Smarties and Gold Foil - This is a 1:12 miniature dollhouse accessory.

Crack open the fun with this miniature Breakable Easter Egg! Have fun setting your own scene this Easter. Wrap it up in gold foil, or display your egg broken open with colourful treats spilling out. 

This set included a chocolate egg (halved), several colourful smarties and some gold foil for wrapping.

Please note, the eggs will have a small mark on one side as this is where they are held to be painted. It leaves a little speckle mark as seen below

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Please note that this item is not designed as a toy, but is recommended as a display items for adult miniature collectors.  

Other items in images are not included, but are only in images for scene-setting purposes, but many of the items may be found in store also, depending on stock availability

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