Chemist Set - Beakers and Tubes - Miniature

Chemist Set - Beakers and Tubes - Miniature


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Dollhouse Miniature Chemistry set - Miniature- This is a 1:12 scale Dollhouse miniature accessory

Bring the fascinating world of chemistry into your minaiture diorama scene. A school? An apothecary? A pharmacy... sure to fire the imagination.

This chemistry set is made of several parts. 5 glass test tubes and a test tube holder. 2 glass beakers. Cork stoppers come with the beakers and are optional. 

Note that all items are empty, but can be filled. I have filled one of the beakers (shhh... with coca cola) for display effect, to show how the beakers can be displayed. 

This sale is for 5 test tubes with stand and 2 beakers.

Tubes and beakers are made of glass. Stand is made of wood.

Recommended for adult miniaturist enthusiasts. Not a toy.

Other accessories are not included and are only in images for display purposes.