Sylvanian Families enjoying Christmas morning

Christmas Gifts - 2 boxes


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Christmas is coming to Sylvania!

We're always looking for ways to add festivity to a Sylvanian Families Christmas scene and here we have some gift boxes to place under the Sylvanian's tree!

One large box measures 2.5cm x 2.5cm. What could possibly be in this? The possibilities are endless, but it will sure add some fun on Sylvanian Christmas morning!

These items are made of resin and are solid. Wrapping is painted onto the box and cannot be removed. Also the two boxes are joined. This is how they are made and they cannot be detached from each other. See images that depict this.

As these are hand-painted, no two items will be identical. There may be minor variations in painting and as painted lines and decorations are not done by machine, painted lines may not be perfect.

Please note that this item is not designed to be a toy. If dropped or mishandled it could chip or break. This is similar to a ceramic ornament. This is ideally suited as a collector's piece to add to a Sylvanian Christmas diorama scene.

Not suitable for children.

Made from resin. 

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Sylvanian Families Christmas


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