Christmas Lights - 1 metre string - Miniature - New Style

Christmas Lights - 1 metre string - Miniature - New Style


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Christmas Lights - 1 metre string of lights - Non-working - Miniature - This is a 1:12 miniature dollhouse accessory.

This amazing little string of non-working lights looks fabulous and festive. Being approximately 1 metre long, there are so many uses for this. Entwine the lights around your miniature Christmas tree (as seen in images here) or hang them across the ceiling of your house. Maybe create a Christmas decorating scene, where all the decorations and lights are being brought out, ready to hang.  1 metre of lights gives you plenty of lights to use. You can even cut the string if you wish to use half on a tree, and half elsewhere. 

Please note that these are non-working plastic ornamental lights and do not light up, but they are very colourful and catch the light nicely, which has a lovely effect. 

This sale is for 1 x string of lights of approximately 1 metre. Measurements may vary by 1 to 2 centimetres more or less.

A 1 metre string of miniature lights will give plenty of coverage for a 12 cm Christmas tree. Images depicted show a 12 cm tree with 1 x one metre string of lights. For greater tree coverage order 2 x strings of lights. 

If ordering more than 1 metre, this will come in one long string of the amount of meters ordered. You can then cut the string into required sizes (ie, if you order 3 of this item it will arrive as one 3 metre length of lights)

This is a non-branded miniature item.

Other accessories are not included, but images added demonstrate how the lights can be used in a 1:12 scale miniature scene. 

Please note that this item is not designed as a toy, but are recommended as display items for adult miniature collectors.  

Other items in images are not included, but are only in images for scene-setting purposes, but many of the items may be found in store also, depending on stock availability