Sylvanian Families  with a resin christmas tree

Christmas Tree x 1 (Decorated - 9cm)


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1 x Christmas tree.

Christmas cuteness has arrived!  This Christmas tree will fit right in with your Sylvanian Families festive celebrations this year! And it comes ready decorated.

Here we're sharing some pictures of Sylvanian Santa's as well as other Sylvanian figures alongside this adorable tree.

Please note that figures aren't included in this sale, but are in images to demonstrate the Christmas Tree's size in comparison to Sylvanian Families figures.

This measures approximately 9 cm high and will fit perfectly in a Sylvanian Families home, just a few centrimetres taller than an adult Sylvanian Families figure. It weighs 93g, about the same weight as a small paper weight.

Decorations and hat on top of the tree are fixed and are part of the tree - these cannot be removed. All trees have the same decorations. 

You will receive 1 x Christmas tree in this sale

Please note that this item is not suitable for children. It is not designed to be a toy. Being made of plaster paris, if dropped it could chip or break. Please handle with care.

Not designed to be a toy for children. Ideal for adult collector's to add to Sylvanian Families Christmas scenes as extra accessories.

Christmas gift boxes and presents in miniature size can also be purchases

Made of resin. Please handle with care, as dropping this item may cause it to chip. As these Christmas trees are individually hand painted with care, there may be some slight variations in each tree. The colour of the tree is a dark forest green colour. Images of the tree in different lights have been added to give an idea of the correct colour, but the colour seen may vary according to screens.

No figures included.

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