Sylvanian Families Seabreeze rabbits limited edition

Sylvanian Families Seabreeze Rabbit Family - 35th Anniversary celebration set

Sylvanian Families Limited Edition Celebration Set

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Sylvanian Families Seabreeze Rabbit Family - 35th Anniversary celebration set  - SF 5508
To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Sylvanian Families we are welcoming a new family! The Seabreeze Rabbit Family for a limited time only.
The Sea Breeze family are handsome white & grey rabbits all wearing outfits with a nautical theme. They have a distinctive wave-like, white marking on their cheeks.

Interestingly enough, this same family of Seabreeze rabbits were released in 2012 as the Sylvanian Families 25th anniversary limited edition celebration set (known as the Columbus rabbit family) However, this new 35th anniversary set are wearing different clothing from the 25th anniversary set. 

Ages: 3+

Epoch SF 5507

Includes 4 x Figures - Limited Edition 35th Anniversary family set. 
Other figures or accessories seen in images are not included and are for illustrative purposes only.

Epoch UK edition with flat hands. 

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