Cutlery - Knife, Fork and Spoon - Miniature


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Dollhouse Miniature Cutlery for one - This is a 1:12 miniature dollhouse accessory.

Complete your dollhouse dining experience with this mini cutlery set. Designed for one, it includes a knife, fork, and spoon, perfect for your miniature kitchen needs. Add a touch of realism to your miniature world and enjoy the convenience of having cutlery readily available.

3 pieces are included: a knife, fork and spoon.

Measurements: approx 1.5 cm per utensil

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Please note that this item is not designed as a toy, but is recommended as a display items for adult miniature collectors.  

This is a Streets Ahead branded miniature item.

Other items in images are not included, but are only in images for scene-setting purposes, but many of the items may be found in store also, depending on stock availability