Sylvanian Families bakery bread market loaves

Bread - 10 pieces - Miniature


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Dollhouse Miniature bread items - 10 pieces included.

What is a village without a bakery? Add these lovely bread items to your own miniature bakery, patisserie or market day. Or they're handy for stocking up in any miniature home or scullery.

These miniature items range from 1cm to 3 cm (depending on style of the item)

Includes in this sale are 10 bread pieces in total:

2 x  miniature baguettes

2 x buns

2 x buns with star shape top

2 x loaves

2 x twisted breads

There are 10 pieces in total included in this sale.

Not made to be a toy, but recommended as a collector's miniature item

Please note this is not designed to be a toy. 


 Other items shown in images are not included, but are for styling purposes only. Many of them may also be purchased separately in store.

The below picture illustrates some of the other bread items we have in store to complete your bakery.  See our Miniature Food's collection for other items that can be added to your miniature bakery

Sylvanian FAmilies bread market stall loaves



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