Popcorn - Tall box - Miniature


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Popcorn - Tall box - Miniature - 2 cm high.

Snacks always come in handy, even in miniature world! Whether watching the footy or scary movie night, a box of popcorn will be ideal to add to the miniature scene or even as an Elf prop.

This sale consists of 1 x popcorn (popcorn is fixed in the container and cannot be removed)

Note that the box is solid (it is not paper) and is sturdy and well-made with a consistency similar to ceramic. 

Measurements:  Height 2 cm

Not suitable for children.  Recommended use as a display item only for adult miniaturists or as an elf prop with supervision by an adult.

Other figures and accessories seen in images are not included, but are only to demonstrate how this product can be placed in a miniature scene. However most other items are also available in our store (depending on stock inventory at the time)

Recommended Age 14+

We have plenty more miniature food accessories in store too. 

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