Coffee Brewing Kit - Glass - 4.5 cm high - Miniature - Can make real miniature coffee!

Coffee Brewing Kit - Glass - 4.5 cm high - Miniature - Can make real miniature coffee!


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Dollhouse Miniature Glass Coffee Brewing Kit - this is a 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature

(I've made real coffee in it for the images, however the kit does come without coffee)

This absolutely stunning miniature Glass Coffee Brewing Kit is functional. Yes, you can make drip filter coffee with it. You'll just need to add your own coffee grinds, water and cut a tiny piece out of your coffee filter paper

The Kit comes in 3 pieces. A Wooden and brass stand, a glass filter piece and a glass coffee jug. Note that the brass stand is not adjustable. But you can easily slot your little glass filter piece in, and remove your jug once the coffee is filtered and rinse them afterwards


Contents of this set: 1 x wood/brass stand, 1 x glass filter piece, 1 x glass coffee jug.

Note that the filter paper, grinds, liquid etc is not included, but it's very simple to make your own.

SMALL CONFESSION!!  While filtering your coffee grinds does work, I actually used capsule-made coffee and poured it into the jug for photographing these images, as it gave the effect of coffee froth etc, whereas a filter coffee wouldn't. You can have fun trying your own coffee method and having tiny sips of coffee!! Enjoy!

This little kit comes beautifully packaged in it's own little tin with padding. 

Measurements: 3.4cm x 2.4 cm x 4.7 cm -  (a 1:12 scale miniature item)

Glass coffee jug is 1.8 cm high

Glass filter piece is 1.5 cm high

Brewing Stand is 4.7 cm from base to top.


This miniature item would be a realistic looking addition to any miniature kitchen diorama. We have plenty more coffee-themed items in store in minaiture also.

Note that other items seen in images are not included, however most may be purchased individually in store also (depending on availability at the time)

Other items seen in images are also available in our Miniatures Collection

This is not designed to be a children's toy, but rather a collector's item. Suitable for adult collector's, diorama's etc.

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