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French Aubusson Carpet- Blue/Green - Extra Large


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Extra Large French Aubusson Rug - 22 cm x 17 cm - Dollshouse miniature.

This beautiful dollshouse miniature rug is quite large for a dollshouse size.  It won't fit on the floor area inside a Sylvanian home (as it is a little too large) but would be ideal to be placed outside the home for extra floor space (as seen in the demonstration images)

Measurements are 22cm x 17 cm

If you a wanting a size rug that will fit inside your Sylvanian home, you would be best to choose a Medium or Small size rug, as these sizes fit well in Sylvanian Families homes and buildings. 

French Aubusson rug - Extra large

Brand: Streets Ahead

Recommended for age 14 + 

1 x rug. Figures and other accessories are not included, but many of these are available in our Miniatures collection

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