Garden Seeds Crate - Miniature

Garden Seeds Crate - Miniature


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Dollhouse Vintage-Style "Garden Seeds" Crate - Miniature - 1:12 sale dollhouse miniature accessory 

A stack of old-style crates adds charm and character to any scene. Here is a wooden crate which could be added to a store, a bric a brac market, You could add some of our miniature terracotta pots and other garden items to your crate.

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The crate and writing on the crate is specially made to look weathered and worn, adding a rustic look.

This sale is for 1 x aged crate. Crate is empty and does not contain any accessories, but added accessories may be purchased separately in store too.

Measures approx 3 cm x 3 cm x 1 cm 

Made of Wood. Specially aged using acrylics, stain and seal. Handcrafted in our store. As each item is individually made the distressing and final shabby look on each item is unique and may not appear exactly as the distressing in the image above, but will be very similar. 

 See our store's Miniature crockery and storage collection. You'll find plenty of miniature items that you could stack inside your crate.

Note that this is not designed as a toy but is recommended as a display item only for adult miniature enthusiasts.

Others items seen in images are not included, but many of these items in the background can be found for sale in store also, depending on availability at the time. 

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