Pair of Wooden Chopping Boards dollhouse

Pair of Wooden Chopping Boards - Miniature


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Dollhouse Miniature Pair of Wooden Chopping Boards - This is a Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 scale accessory.

Add a modern twist to your miniature dollhouse kitchen with this set of chopping boards! You can stay on top of the latest kitchen trends, either stacking these boards in the corner of your kitchen counter, or hang them from the end of your kitchen island, creating a unique and rustic look. 

Measurements vary from 3.5 cm length to  2.5 cm width approximately.

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Please note that other figures, accessories and items displayed in images are not included, but are only used to help give an idea of size in a 1:12 scale modern dollshouse setting. 

Other items seen in images are also available in our Miniatures Collection

Made of wood and lightly stained with wood stain.

This is not designed to be a children's toy, but rather a collector's item. Suitable for adult collector's, diorama's etc.