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Pawprint Pet Rug - Miniature


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Dollhouse Miniature Paw Print Pet Rug -  a Miniature Dollhouse display only item in 1:12 scale

This miniature rug is designed specifically for your dollhouse-sized pet, providing a cozy and stylish spot for them to rest. Give your little friend a pawprint rug that's as unique and playful as they are.

Measurements: approx 8 cm x 8 cm

Made of fabric. 

Other items seen in images are not included but are for styling purposes only.

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This is not a intended to be a toy. Recommended for adult miniature enthusiasts as a display item in a diorama or miniature scene.

This is not designed to be a children's toy, but rather a collector's item. Suitable for adult collector's, diorama's etc.