Dollhouse miniature tropical spotty leaf plant

Red Pointy Leaf Spotty Potplant - Miniature


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Miniature 1:12 scale Flower in pot - Red Plant with Black and white spotty leaves.

As you can probably tell, I have no idea what the name of this plant is. If you do know the name for it, please drop me a line via the Contact Us button below and I'll add the correct name in. For now it will have to be the Pointy Spotty leaf plant!

In spite of this, it's absolutely adorable. I love this little plant and would pop it anywhere in a dollshouse setting. 

This sale is for 1 x Flower in pot

Just in, we have a variety of miniature red potplants, such as this one. 

This handcrafted miniature flower in pot is the perfect size to be placed on any 1:12 scale tabletop, lounge room or maybe as an additional  accessory to create your own Flower shop? Whatever the use, these hand-crafted flower plants are irresistible. As you'll see by the images, the work is so detailed and real to life. Even more amazing when you see it in reality.

Each pot plant measures approximately 2.5 to 3cm high (depending on plant chosen) See images for a size comparison beside Sylvanian Families and Elf and figures. 

Each item is uniquely handmade, so there may be very minor variations in colour, size and shape from the photograph shown, but each item is assuredly of the highest quality and hand-crafted.


1 x  flowering plant in pot

Please note that Sylvanian Families and Elf images and items shown in the description are not included, but are only used to help give you a more accurate idea of how this miniature item compares for size alongside these types of figures and furniture.

This is not a intended to be a toy. This item is ideal to be used by adults in Sylvanian Families scenes or dioramas. Please note, that due to the delicate nature of these items they do need to be handled carefully. If dropped, it may break.

As these are handmade and handpainted there may be slight variations in colour.

Not Suitable for children. Handle with care.

Ref: Miniature Flower in pot - Spotty pointy leaf plant

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