Schleich Gregis - SC 70431

Schleich Gregis with Wolf - Bayala

Schleich - Brand New

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Schleich Gregis with Wolf - Bayala - SC 70431 - Brand New - Now Retired

The 2 piece Apricum action figurine set includes a wolf and a half man half wolf figurine.

Gregis is the undisputed ruler of his forest and an Arelan Warrior. As an Arelan, Gregis is a wolf-man and a wolf at the same time. Together they make up a mysterious creature which appears in two bodies. Man and wolf. They share the forces and power of both and are chosen by fate from birth on. Not just a man, not just a wolf, but rather both, an Arelan. Gregis fights for the elves, protects them in their time of need and leads Surah all the way to the highest summit of Bero Mountain.

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(SC70431) 2012

Made in Germany

Made of plastic. Figure is approximately 10cm high

Suitable for age 3+