Sylvanian Families Splashy Otter Family

Sylvanian Families Baby wearing Otter Family

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Splashy Otter Family 

Welcome to the all new baby-wearing Sylvanian Families Otter Family! 

Splashy Otter Family includes four figures: Splashy Otter Father, Mother, and Cradled Babies. Includes baby slings especially for the Splashy Otter cradled babies.

Splashy Otter Father likes going out with the family. Splashy Otter Mother is always smiling, and is always giving out praise. A word of praise from Mother leaves everyone feeling great. Splashy Otter Cradled Baby Girl loves looking at fish. The Splashy Otter Baby Slings was made by her Mother with that in mind. Splashy Otter Cradled Baby Boy, who one might say is a little bit spoiled, is always found with his Mother.

Ages: 3+


Surely one of the cutest Sylvanian Families to arrive yet. These are now available in store. These Otters are 

 - Mum and Dad Otter 

 - Twin Otter babies (a boy and a girl)

 - Fish shaped baby-wearing slings

Suitable for age 3+

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