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Sylvanian Families Candy Cart - new release in 2021

Make your Sylvanians a little sweeter with this Candy Cart - as it trundles around Sylvania, it is bound to charm children wherever it goes. This compact shop sells various candies including chocolate, cookies and lollipops. Just the thing for a family outing or school trip! Whether you like lollies, or you prefer chewy candies, or maybe even nibbling on a cookie, this is the place to get sweet treats! It's moveable too, so it's great for making the most of sunny days by pitching up by the waterside. Yum!

The Candy Cart contains over 40 pieces including lollipops, cookies and chocolate!

Set Contains:

1candy cart
1 scoop
2 chocolate cans
4 candy cans
4 cookie boxes
16 candies
12 cookies
11 lollypops

Figures not included.

Ages: 3+


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