The Comfy Living Room Set (SF5339)

Sylvanian Families Comfy Living Room

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Comfy Living Room - SF 5339
The Sylvanian Families interior decorator's dream. This lovely new lounge set comes with reversible lounge cushions. One day your lounge can be green patterned, the next day turn the cushions over and you have a floral beige and orange patterned lounge suite. 
The TV picture screen are also changeable, so the Sylvanians will have quite a variety.

The Comfy Living Room Set includes a sofa, armchairs, low table, TV and TV cabinet. It features picture sheets within the TV that can be taken out and replaced to change the TV picture. The included interchangeable materials for the sofa and armchairs allow for easy design changes.

Pack contains: Sofa, Armchair x2, Table, Container, Mug, Magazine, Interchangeable Material (for Sofa) x2, Interchangeable Material (for Armchair) x4, TV, Tray, TV Cabinet (Lower), TV Cabinet (Upper), Photo Frame, Small Container, Lid, Picture Sheet x6 (a total of 26 pieces)

Figures seen in images are not included.

Ages: 3+



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