Sylvanian Families Border Collie Family limited edition

Sylvanian Families Border Collie Family with twins - 35th Anniversary celebration set

Sylvanian Families Limited Edition Celebration Set

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Sylvanian Families Border Collie Family with twins - 35th Anniversary celebration set  - SF 5510 - only newly released in 2020 in celebration of the Sylvanian Families 35th anniversary.
There are 6 figures included in this set (other accessories not included)
A little about this super cute family

FATHER STANLEY FLETCHER is a Forest Ranger. He knows everything there is to know about living in the great outdoors and loves to share his knowledge with the boys and girls of Sylvania. Whatever Stanley has planned, you can be sure he always rounds everyone up at the end of each day and leads them safely back home!

MOTHER PETUNIA FLETCHER loves to fuss, she always checks to see that her husband has a spare compass in his pocket, as well as extra batteries for his torch. Even if the sun is shining she puts a thick sweater in his rucksack well you never know when it might get a little chilly!

BROTHER SCOTT FLETCHER is just like his father. He loves being surrounded by nature and wants to be a Forest Ranger too when he grows up. But all he can think about at the moment is cross country running! Whatever the weather he can be found deep in the Sylvanian countryside running!

SISTER JODIE FLETCHER is quite different to everyone else in her family. She is very quiet and loves being at home playing with her toy figurines. Her favourite game is to hide them all over the garden, she then likes to round them up!

BABY TWINS MIA AND JEREMY FLETCHER never keep still. They are always racing each other around the garden and if they are not jumping over the daffodils they are jumping over each other! They only quieten down when their exasperated mother tells them to!

This is a Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Family Set.

We have very limited stock of this item.

Ages: 3+

Ages: 3+

Epoch SF 5510

Includes 6 x Figures  - Limited Edition 35th Anniversary family set. 
Other figures or accessories seen in images are not included and are for illustrative purposes only.

Epoch UK edition with flat hands. 

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