Sylvanian Families Country Nurse Set SF5094

Sylvanian Families Country Nurse Set

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Country Nurse Set SF5094

Even Sylvanians need a quick trip to the clinic sometimes, and for the Sylvanian kids they love visiting the clinic and being fussed over by cheerful Nurse Kate Milk Rabbit. They're sure to go away feeling so much better and full of smiles. In fact, all the Sylvanian children love Nurse Kate so much, that they say they want to be a nurse when they grow up.  This set also includes everything a nurse could need to treat her patient, from essentials such as a wheelchair and cast, to luxuries such as comfy slippers! This set contains 35 pieces, including a syringe, thermometer, and plenty of other things you'd find in a nurse’s office. Perfect for playing with using the Country Doctors Practice, which is sold separately.

Suitable from 3 yrs+