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Sylvanian Families Dandelion/Ivory Twin Rabbits - RARE

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Sylvanian Families Dandelion Twin Rabbits of also known as Ivory Rabbits or also Butterglove rabbits - Preowned - RARE1992

The family name of these twins is all a little bit confusing. Their family members, over time, have been known by various names: Ivory Rabbits, Butterglove Rabbits and these twins, when they were released, were called Dandelion Rabbit Twins. 

Ivory Rabbits were released exclusively in Japan in the late 1990's. Later the Butterglove Rabbits were released, not as a family, but in individual sets with accessories in the UK around 2001 and onward.

The Dandelion rabbit twins are known by one distinctively floppy ear, one ear bent more than the other. They're more of a fawn brown colour than the milk rabbits and yet not as dark as a Dappledawn rabbit. 

Excellent condition. Only a tiny little bit of wear on the tip of one's ears.  Brother twin's romper pants are a little twisted.

Very collectible. Hard to find

No box

As we mention with all of our pre-owned items, they will never be as immaculate as a brand new item. There may be slight signs of playwear or use in any pre-owned figure. Also limbs may be slightly stiff to move, due to age. 

Recommended for Age 3+

Other accessories seen in images are not included, but are for styling purposes only.


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