Sylvanian Families Persian Cat Twin babies on train

Sylvanian Families Gray and White Persian Cat Twins with Train

Sylvanian Families

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Sylvanian Families Gray and White Persian Cat Twins with train - SF 5457

Brand new in store in 2020 - this is one of the latest Families to arrive in Sylvania.

Sylvanian Families: Persian Cat Twins - 1 gray, 1 white and toy train

Baby brother Bellamy Persian loves his ride-on train! He plays with it more than any of his other toys, but is always more than happy to share it with his twin sister.

Baby sister Leah Persian is a very inquisitive kitten. She is fascinated by shapes and textures and can often be spotted tracing the grooves in pieces of furniture with her little paws.

Ages: 3+

Included in this set is: Set of 2 baby figures – one sitting, one crawling. Also includes a ride-on train toy.

Epoch SF 5457

Other figures and accessories not included, but you can find most of them in store

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Sylvanian Families Gray white persian family

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